Your Friendly Neighborhood Validator

Hello and welcome, I'm Artemis, an active member of the Cosmos ecosystem community. I'm a firm believer in a future driven by interconnected blockchains and interoperable smart-contracts. That is why I decided to set up shop in Cosmos and contribute, build, educate, and become a member of its great communities. Don't hesitate to drop by discord for a chat. validators

I run Validators in the Cosmos Ecosystem using best in class infrastructure, networking and practices in support of the chains i'm active on, their communities and their projects. Please support me by delegating to ARTEMIS.

Secret Network Validator

Sifchain Validator

Bitcanna Validator

Why should you delegate to artemis

The Mission

The proceeds are used toward the betterment of Networks, their infrastructure, their communities, their projects and participants.

Its rewarding

I run several recurrent giveaways to thank my delegators for their support and try to offer NFT Whitelist spots and partnership promotions.


Intel Xeon E-2288G 8c/16t - 3.7/5 GHz, 64Go Ram, 2x 960Go SSD NVMe, going well beyond recommended specs to tackle the highest strains on the Blockchains


Validators are serviced by advanced peering & sentries/backups. All hosted in different geolocations to minimize disruption and maximize uptime.

Secret Network Validator

Sifchain Validator

Bitcanna Validator


I'm currently working on several major projects taking place on Secret Network. I'm unfortunately not at liberty to reveal anything at this point but will update the project list as things are ready to be revealed.

Projects list :


Feel free to join my discord for a chat or reach out by any means that suit you, I'm always available. Any delegators questions are more than welcome, and I highly encourage my delegators to join the discord in order to stay up to date on the events and giveaways that are taking place. Talk to you soon. Thank you for your support !